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DVD vs. CD default burning from ISO / NRG?

Hi! I have a bunch of files in .iso and .nrg format. Now I use Nero to burn them to DVD media, bud some of these files are as CD by default and some of those are as DVD by default. These images are product media so they get burned very fast every day on demand. Is there a way to makek all those images burn as a DVD by default?

Those under 800MB get burned as a CD and those above it are as DVD.

The creating of both types of images is done exactly the same.
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  • Are you using Burning Rom and selecting DVD-ROM (ISO)? If you are and the CD's are images, I think they would burn to a DVD since it's just a file on the disc. If not, perhaps, you might try DVD-ROM (UDF/ISO). I don't know if an CD image on a DVD will run in a DVD player. Maybe you can educate me on this.

    You can always go to, support, contact, technical support and submit the contact form (You must have v2015 or later). If you go that route, please let me know what they have to say.
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