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Edit Video finalize video resolution problem - Nero 2015

Hey everyone -

I want to edit and create some video's for youtube but I've one problem. I notice the resolution and/or screen distortion in some area's is bad.

I finally looked through the options and put Sharpened master editing setting throughout the whole video, which actually made a huge difference. yet i still see a lot of spots within the video where im moving and i can tell the ground becomes very poor quality.

I'd like to use this video I uploaded to youtube as an example.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do to get a lot clearer picture / resolution.

I record my gameplay at 1080p 10k bitrate 30 fps
Upload it into nero video at HDTV Full HD 16:9 60i (29.97fps)
Then export the file with the above picture settings.
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