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edit video to blu ray

mulitiple questions to refine the editing/syncing audio to video.
1. in video edit. trying to add chapters, click on time scale. red line/cursor moves to mouse position. right click to add marker. when i do this it only offers to add markers once in a while. the add marker text is usually greyed out. sometimes it acts as it should. what causes this?

2. when i take the video file, after syncing new audio, into bluray authoring and move to menu screen, I would like to be able to add a menu to seperate the sets, I used to use the scissors to spit the file but the scissors are greyed out along with the trimming triangles.

3. the project may have 20 chapters, i use "slide show" for my menu template.
when i make changes to one menu(title) it effects all the menus. can these be seperated? add a text box to only one of the menus
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