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Elegible for upgrade?

I have nero9 that I bought years ago. I no longer have it installed, but want to know if this qualifies me for upgrade pricing to the latest version? Also, do I have to try and install 9 before I upgrade to the latest?
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    Hi Shaun-

    You are eligible for the upgrade and you don't have to install v9 before you upgrade.

    On the other hand, you might want to wait until mid-September since v2019 will be available around then. Right now they're offering the v2018 upgrade as a permanent yearly subscription for $39.95. That can be a good deal if you want to continuously upgrade.
    • Hi Wither I came to have a look to see if anything is happening and apart from the usual I can't get this to install or recode doesn't work there's a little bit of a lull. Nice to see you're still around though helping the stalwarts as you do. What caught my eye was your thoughts a new version will probably be out around mid September. If that's the case I'm wondering what they can bring to the party this time around that hasn't been done to death. PC's don't even have DVD drives these days so they would be flogging a dead horse with that one. Recode is a shadow of what it once was and when oh when will their software handle subtitles (again)? I'm a long time user but can't see what they're going to offer going forward. Maybe the day of Nero is done? Thoughts?
    • Hi James, good to see you.

      I guess one has to look closely before buying to make sure a laptop has an optical drive. Of course, one can always use an external drive and it's definitely not an issue with desktops.

      Actually, recode can do most of what it used to do except for the subtitles. The choices don't look the same when you open it. I doubt they'll ever bring subtitles back since many people have asked for that feature over the years and nothing has been done.

      This is the best I can tell you about the new things in v2019 (I have the beta)-

      Nero LifeThemes PRO:

      This is a new Template pack for Nero MediaHome and Nero Video were you would find some new and really cool Templates to make you Slideshows or Videos even better.

      Nero DuplicateManager:

      We have improved this application with a new feature: Similar images to find some more duplications on your system and in your own Cloud.

      Nero BackItUp 2019:

      We have included the online function (OneDrive and GoogleDrive) for Backup.

      I don't know if there have been any technical changes such as fixes.
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  • Hi Wither

    I wonder if they'll offer an extra special upgrade price as that doesn't seem to me much of an improvement to me. But, you will have your own ideas.

    Last week I bought Ashampoo's Backup software for £11.99 or something because I have a previous version. Their selling point was it now backs up just about anywhere you want including OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive. Seems they're all following suit.

    Recode lost an important function with its audio output so I wouldn't say it does exactly the same as it always did? I think you're right about Subs though but why do they keep saying 'its under consideration'? That just naffs me off.

    Duplicate managers are ten a penny for free online. Try googling 'Search Everything' to see what I mean.

    Anyway, this wasn't meant to be a neg fest because I already suspected what might be the case. But, its nice to see you're still around doing what you've done for a fair few years.

    Incidentally, I recently bought a new laptop from PC world for my daughter. Not one of the laptops they had on display had a DVD drive. During Amazon Prime day I bought a cheap Chromebook for £99.00. It also had no DVD drive. External drives cost nothing I guess but the day of the DVD drive is nearly over, just like the Dodo. :)
    • I'm not sure which audio format you're referring to. The main difference is they removed the ability to recode to the Nero AVC codec. They've also added the ability to recode to a whole bunch of mobile devices.

      I hear you about drives. Both of my cars have CD drives but the newer ones don't. When I buy a new one, I guess I'll either have to pay extra for it (if the option is available) or use a portable.

      Yeh, Nero follows the other "like" software developers as do the others follow Nero. Competition is tough.

      It will be 10 years in the forum in about 3 weeks.
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  • Hi Wither
    I can't remember what it was what stopped me using recode as it transpired a while back. Maybe, I've got my wires crossed and it was a video output they stopped us using but I remember there was a lot of discussion at the time. If I get the opportunity I'll look through old threads.

    Roxio are pushing their easy media creator 6 at the moment with a large discount which usually means something is in the pipeline. I've missed their last two versions as they actually took away more than what they introduced. Even the long term forum guru's didn't update which says it all.

    Here's to your ten years in a few weeks. You've had a lot of undeserved stick at times but still you keep trying to help people with their queries. As I said; its nice to see you still on here doing what you do. I hope its appreciated?
    • There's a blow-out special at right now to buy v2018 Platinum for $34.95 (US). That's a bargain by anybody's definition.

      Most people appreciate what us volunteers do, even if they don't specifically say so or give us a "good answer." The most irritating thing is when we refer people to tech support and ask that they let us know how their problem was resolved but they never let us know. Once they get their problem resolved, they could care less about other people with the same problem. In many cases, a problem is system specific so a particular resolution might not apply to all but it would still be good information we could give to people to try before going to tech support. I mean, most people come to the forum for a solution rather than the time consuming method of going to tech support.
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