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Embed date and time stamp into images

How do I embed a visible date and time stamp into still images? I want to copy 100 photos to a separate folder then burn into the images the date and time the photo was taken. I am sure Nero must have a function to do this, but I can't find it.........

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  • Hi Tim,
    I would recommend using the free PhotoScape software which you can download from here for example:

    (Just check when installing to unselect any other extra stuff that might be suggested along with the PhotoScape software ... always good to avoid extra unwanted software.)

    Then perform the steps as set out on this website:


    Step 1
    Open a Web browser, navigate to the Photoscape website (see Resources) and download the free software. Double-click the setup file after the download is complete to install the program on your computer.

    Step 2
    Start Photoscape. Click "Editor" from the main menu if you only have one digital photo you want to add the date and time stamp to or "Batch Editor" if you want to do this to multiple photos.

    Step 3
    Navigate to the folder where your photos are stored on the hard drive, and select the photos you want to manipulate. If you want to select multiple images, hold down the "Shift" button while clicking on the first then last image in the group. This will select all of them, as indicated by the blue highlight around the images.

    Step 4
    Hold down the left mouse button while the cursor is over the images, and drag them onto the main screen where the words "Drop Your Image Here" are displayed.

    Step 5
    Click "Object" on the right-hand side toolbar, then click the check box next to the words "Text 1." Click the "Change Text Properties" icon, which is shown as a yellow pencil. This will open the text editor.

    Step 6
    Click the button that shows "EXIF," and from the pop-up menu choose the format you want for the date and time stamp. The date and time stamp will be added to your photo. The font type, size and color can be changed from the text menu as well. Click "OK" when you are satisfied with the look of the stamp.

    Step 7
    Move the mouse cursor over the date and time stamp, then click and drag it to the location you want it on the digital photo. If you have multiple photos selected, the date and time stamp will be applied to all of them.

    Step 6
    Click "Convert All," then specify an output path for all the photos to be saved. You will now have a new folder filled with digital photos that contain the date and time stamp as well as all the original photos still saved as backups.
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