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I’m confused

Encoded movie intermittent stuttering when at 23.976 fps

I upgraded to Nero Recode 2014 to encode a Blu Ray(23.976) to MPEG-4(23.976).
After the encoding I noticed a drop in frame rate or a slight stutter was happening every 10-15 minutes of the video.

I tried playing around with the settings (changing encoder settings, deinterlace, specifying frame rate and resolution) and every time the exact same stutter would occur at exactly the same time in the video.

The only way to stop the stutter was to change the output frame rate to 29.97fps however this introduced motion issues throughout the entire video(this will always be the case when altering frame rates between source and output)

I checked the resulting video and found the frame rate was rounded to "23.98000"? Something must be wrong with the encoder. I upgraded the software in Nero ControlCenter and I am running Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64 edition.

I have attached some media info screens of the source and output videos.
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