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Extensions of: .BUP, .IFO, .VOB will not play in MediaHome

I have just downloaded Nero MediaHome and would like to know if there is a free or reasonably priced add-in, add-on or plug-in that I can utilize to play all formats of movies with extensions of: .BUP, .IFO, .VOB and etc. Using Windows 8.1
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  • Please note that .bup and .ifo are not videos. They are files created when you burn a DVD-Video. Without going into details, they supplement the vts.........vob file(s) which is (are) the actual video stream (s) when you burn a DVD-Video. All these files are contained in a video_ts folder.

    If you open Nero MediaHome and click on Market, it will identify which plug-ins are installed. What I think you need is the Nero MediaHome Player which I think costs $5 US. Just click on it and it will take you to the site where you can purchase it.
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