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Failing everything

well sorry but i have to report that nero support is the most terrible one i ever had.
i currently experience over 20 problems with nero software from recoding failing to subtitles not being included into the final product and much more like hanging apps update failing and working after 3 try's and everytime i ask for support i get a answer for something i did not ask support for. for example i ask why i cannot get my subs working in the movie i try to get to mp4 i can select them but it doesnt include them. well nero's answer to this with srt files are not supported (I DID NOT ASK THAT)
the strange thing beside it many problems they say a update is coming within a week or so. (3 weeks later) still no update or fix.
The support is nowhere to be found the only way possible is in the programs themselves using a strange switch and a good look where to find it.
And my program is set to dutch so i wrote it like asked in dutch i get something back they say i must send it in english because they do not support dutch. then why the heck did they add a ticket system in dutch? and why do they never say it must be english.
there is NO phone number or contact that i can talk to someone to correct the weirt statements of them directly.

But im really getting sick of all those problems i paid a lot of this software and i want a working one. not a broken one.!
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