Fails to install Microsoft msxml 4.0 SP3 on Vista OS

Fails to install Microsoft msxml 4.0 SP3.
Just purchased and downloaded Nero Platinum 2014 (Nero2014_Platinum-15.0.06800.exe, Nero2014_ContentPack2014-15.0.00200.exe).
Very shortly after the installation actually starts a message stating the msxml file can not install is displayed and Notpad opens
displaying the msxml files (mainly strange characters), and the installation aborts. I have run previous version of Nero with no problems.
I have downloaded
Have rebooted, powered down/up the computer, and run the install program as an administrator (Rt. click on file and select Run as administrator) and always get the same problem.
Spent over 2 hr researching the problem but could not find a solution to this type of installation problem.

System - Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2, 32-bit, Intel 2.4 GHz cpu, 3 GB memory, 160 GB free on the disc.

Need some help here.
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