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Feature Request for Improving Music Playback on Nero MediaHome.

I have found that having these two features improves the music playback by quite a noticeable margin:

1) While decoding the music file (mp3 etc) although they are 16-bit encoded but doing a 32-bit decode improves dynamic range and sound. Logic of that can be found here -

2) Allowing the native driver of the sound cards to be used instead of just the ASIO or DirectX or WASAPI drivers. I used the Delta driver of my M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card and the music was smoother and more dynamic. And that was besides the ability to upscale to 2496.

Do share your inputs FMs.

And would request Nero to take it up as I dont want to shift to another software for music playback.
My Movie and Music library is nicely setup on my Nero 12.
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