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Frustration of accessing photos on media home/browser Nero 2015 platinum

i have a 2015 Platinum. When using media home to make a slide show and click "add item" to access my photos from photo library. On media browser when browsing as I double click on selected photo it then reverts back to start of browsing. sometimes able to click a couple of photos but then reverts to start of the browsing. Very frustrating when i am 400-500 photos in and then reverted to beginning and having to find my way back to where I was, any suggestions? Les
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  • Hi, maybe the "Mark" feature will make it easier for you. You can just browser all your photos/video in the library view of Nero MediaHome. If you find a item you want to use in you project, you can hover with the mouse over it and a little transparent bookmark will appear. You can click on it to mark the item. Afterwards you can just click on the "marked items" category in the left side bar and create your project from there.
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