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Half-price upgrade offer for Nero 2015 - but zero info on product features?

So I get an email from Nero today, inviting me to spending £40 quid upgrading to Nero 2015 Platinum - with absolutely no info whatsoever as to what is available in this new version.

Is this some kind of joke? Why would I upgrade without knowing what I'd be getting?
And since last year's upgrade broke the ability to play BluRay discs for about 3 months, I'm obviously a bit cautious...
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    I see we're in this situation again with Nero 2019 - I'm getting spammed to get a 'half price upgrade' but as usual there's no info on what's actually in the new version....
    • I'm glad other people recognise the surreal nature of this discussion.

      The worst part is that if you dig hard enough (or just buy it and try it) you realise that the software often does contain useful upgrades. It's never been clear why it's so difficult to dig out a list of these improvements from Nero? They should be keeping a list of version enhancements and bug fixes? ...and it should be possible to post those?

      If you do run into problems getting it to run they're quite helpful.

      However it remains annoying to find that you've bought a product and can't use it while you contact support and work out what the problem is. As a result the software can remain non-functional for long periods of time.

      I often find that by the time my software starts functioning the new version has been released.

      I particularly like their drag and drop interface... it's more intuitive than that found on most other software... so I continue to use it until something better comes along.

      I will continue to hold off upgrading until the software has some clear advantage listed or I figure they've had enough time to add some features they didn't bother to mention anywhere.

      Sometimes they offer a whole pack of software at a modest price. That's another reason for upgrading... although I rarely use most of the pack... there are sometimes one or two key programs that come in handy from time to time and are worth upgrading.

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