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I’m even more furious

Has this been received as there is no form of acknowledgement ....

I Purchased Nero Recode 2014 to transfer a few of my commercial DVD's that I own and have in my possession to my iPad, I was informed by specialists in several national chain outletsl that if I owned the original disc, I was committing no offence to create such a copy. Yet I have attempted to transfer 3 different DVD's and each time I am faced with a request for a 'PATENT ACTIVATION' - How could I possibly have this and what is this NERO RECODE 2014 supposed to be used for? Unless you can clearly explain how I transfer my OWN DVD's to my OWN iPad. I demand my money back as your advertisement for this product is clearly implying that it will do this job..
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  • First:
    Nero Recode can recode any non-copyprotected dvd. If the dvds are copy protected, it is forbidden by law to develop and distribute a software that breaks the copy-protection.
    Of cause - this is very annoying. But: Nero cannot change this - here, the laws had to be changed.
    Where the advertising says the recode could copy protected DVDs?

    Second: The patent-activation has nothing to do with the copy-protection - it is an activation for the included patents.
    So, it seems to be that the DVDs you are using are not copy-protected and nero recode tries to do this job.
    So: Just confirm the patent activation and it will work
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