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I’m Frustrated!!

Have I discovered a flaw in Nero Media Home?

I'm uploading all my music cd's onto my pc (Windows 8.1) using Nero Media Home. I'm ripping the music in FLAC format, and have noticed 2 major issues:

1: when I import, the disc browser window indicates "unknown artist" in the ARTISTS column, although the correct song info is showing. In EDIT CD INFORMATION, it shows the correct artist(s) under CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS.

2: I have added GREATEST HITS albums to the library, by different artists. I ensured that (for example) Guns'N'Roses Greatest Hits were imported as G'N'R, Rod Stewart's Greatest Hits imported as Rod Stewart, etc. NMH and/or Gracenote has decided to "lump" these various Greatest Hits albums together, instead of creating an individual folder for each album. Is this a software issue?
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