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I’m Sad

Help this channel before it is too late.

Friends, I am sad to inform you that the YouTube tutorial channel, Usefulwisdom, is under threat.

Usefulwisdom has been creating tutorials on Nero products since 2015.

Today YouTube announced a new policy. As of 20 February 2018, Usefulwisdom is threatened of being removed from the Tube Partner Program, unless it meets all YouTube's new criteria.

Usefulwisdom conforms to all of the new rules, except one, the number of subscribers, Usefulwisdom is currently 554 subscribers short.

Friends, please help this channel, just take a look at one of the Nero tutorials and if you like it, then please subscribe and spread the word.

Just take a look at this advanced use of Nero by searching for it on YouTube under the title of:

Nero Platinum 17 Tutorial. Links in the description to a 14 day Free Trial Version

Thank you!
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