Help with large number of files / multi disc

Hi, I am using the evaluation version of Nero Burning Rom 2014 as I expected to purchase it as I used to use Nero years ago on a long dead PC.

I am trying to back up about 650,000 files in 28 directories to DVD totalling about 40Gb. I have set disk span etc and drag and dropped the directory in to NBR2014 and it took about half an hour to process the files. The status bar showed 6 disks (AFAICR).

I then clicked burn and set up the disc name with disc count etc and set slowest write speed.

I clicked burn again and was presented with the normal buffer / progress bars and it said writing file. However no progress is ever displayed. The cursor egg timer remained. Over the next couple of hours (with several screensaver wake ups) this remained exactly the same.

After a couple of hours the window would not repaint at all and I just a white window for NBR2014. This continued for a few more hours but at least it looked as though something was happening as the egg timer was still there.

As this was now 2am I left it alone. In the morning there was no sign of NBR2014 it looked as though it had crashed. No data written to disc, nothing in the NBR2014 log file for anything in that session.

I have now tried exactly the same thing for a second time with exactly the same result.

Any ideas?

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