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How do I burn 2 separate titles/movies onto a single blu ray using burning rom?

Hello, I am new to all this burning software/creating blu rays and I have a question about burning multiple movies onto a single (50gb) blu ray disc. I know how to convert .mkv files into the BDMV/Certificate files using AVS Video Converter. I can burn a single "movie" onto a single blu ray (25gb) using Nero 2015 Burning Rom and it works in any blu ray player wonderfully.

I decided to get 50gb discs with the intent of burning several movies onto a disc to consolidate my collection on less discs. But when I attempt to add more then one BDMV/Certificate file onto a single disc/project, it asks to overwrite the current project. I have tried to rename the 2nd file by adding a 2 or other number but it wont accept it. I don't care about menus or anything fancy, in fact I like having my movies just play from the start without all the pre-main fluff. Can anyone help out this newbie?
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