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I’m unsure

how do I create a DVD film with subtitles?

I have a film but it has a subtitle track - if I drag all the films to the dvd will it automatically play the subtitles too?
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  • Since the subtitles are already embedded, you should be able to burn a DVD-Video and the subtitles should play. In some cases, you might have to set the player to display them. Best way to find out is to burn the project to your hard drive and then play back the resulting Video_Ts folder in Nero MediaHome or like program.
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    • BTW ... the original .mkv gives me the subtitle options (although a few of them display as "gobbledygook") when I use VLC Media Player ... but in Nero MediaHome, no subtitle options can be found ???

      After "transcoding" ... all subs are gone, even in VLC Media Player.
    • I don't think I have any video with subtitles. I did, once upon a time, when subtitles were supported and people would upload them for testing. I continually purge that stuff after testing.
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  • Phil, I don't know if this helps but it is from the Recode manual that I downloaded a month ago. I don't have anything with subtitles to try it and I don't have Recode handy to compare it but my memory tells me that ">" is now "v".

    9. If you want to change the content to be ripped:
    1. Disable or enable items as desired, such as titles, the main movie, menus or extras.
    2. Click the ">" button of a title to select or deselect the language or subtitles (for DVDVideo) you want to copy
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