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How do I know which I bought, Platinum 2017 Upgrade, Full Version or Trial?

A day ago, I was browsing the Nero products. I stopped on Nero Platinum 2017 Suite, left my computer, came back and this "Happy Hour" offer was covering that product. I clicked and the offer was VERY good. Instead of $129.00 it was greatly reduced. When I barely moved my mouse, an additional offer came up.

I could hardly refuse, so after I paid for it, I downloaded and installed. I entered the serial number provided and congratulated myself on catching the deal.

Tonight, I was reading in someone's topic and in the response, it said the Serial Number would not be a valid one if it contained the letter "O". Is that true, because the SN I was provided did contain the letter "O".

The last Nero I had was version 6 and it is on a computer that has not been in use in years.

I've had doubts about what I purchased since last night.
I have many screenshots of things that seem odd, but here is what the "status" thingy shows.

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