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how do I reinstall my nero 8?.

I have nero 8 installed on my vista and now want to install it on my wdo 7 pc. I have the lic# but cant seemed to do it. any advice?
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  • Hi MC,
    Nero 8 support states:

    Nero 8 (or any previous Nero version) will not officially support Windows 7.
    Nero does not plan to add Windows 7 support for previous Nero versions.

    It may still work on Windows 7 but I'm not sure if it does.

    You can download the Nero 8 software from Nero Previous versions ...
    You would need to have your licence / serial number handy to insert in the new installation.

    You will also have to uninstall from your old PC after, as you only can have one active copy of the software with one licence.

    To download the Nero 8 software installation file go here:

    then scroll down the page to "update" under Nero 8

    That will download the installation file.

    After / during installing, add your serial number and then download the Template Packs and install them. (Also found just below the Nero 8 update button on the above website.
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