How do i save the individual items from an album or slideshow to c drive ( nero keeps crashing )

I have 40k of photos and videos and wanted software to sort them into albums and slide shows and after some searching I decided on Nero Homemedia 2015.
So loaded up , and was well over half way of creating the albums and slideshows when Nero system crashed and I lost all the content of these albums and slideshows BUT system kept the naming of all albums and slideshows .
This has happened twice so now I am cautious and have decided to create an album and / or slideshow at a time.
I want to have a separate folder with the particular album or slideshow content ( videos or photos ) in my C Drive so if it crashes then I have already the particular items sorted from the rest of the 40K items.
But how do I save as individual photos and videos in this C drive folder as it only lets me save as a slide show and its not good if I want individual photos to remove etc.
Thanks for reading and double appreciation for an answer.
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