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How do you create a DVD's title before burning it?

I have Nero Standard 2018 I'm new to the product, and new to burning in general.

When I select the Nero Video from the main menu, I import files, arrange the sequence (if I want to), and then choose a theme of title and chapter menus. All this is nice, except when I choose a theme like "Balloons".. then my DVD is actually titled "Balloons" then.. lists off my items. I don't want my DVD to be titled "Balloons", "Slide Show", "Gallery", "Family Archive", etc. - these 'titles' just match Nero's themes and are called as such. I'd like to call it something like "Home Movies 1980s" or "Hockey Games", or whatever while still using the chosen theme.

So my question is:
Is it possible to title a DVD to your liking, and if so, what is the pathway to do this?

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