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How long eligible for upgrade?

I have Nero Platinum 11 installed on an older computer that I must replace. Is this version still eligible for an upgrade? If so, I don't know how to find the product's serial number. I would assume that I must have downloaded that product. The only serial number I have is on a "hard copy" (boxed disc) Nero 7.

Can I get an upgrade for the new computer based on ownership of either of these older versions, or must I pay for a complete new version?
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  • Hi Donald, To get the serial number for the installed Platinum 11... go to "Nero ControlCentre" in this working copy. Here you find the latest serial number for this version. Use this to install this version to the new pc. The best is if you saved the installation file you got when upgrading to Platinum 11. Use this.
    If not you have to download the installer file from  I don't have the exactly link... and maybee you have to request from Nero support if they don't support this old version on the webpage anymore.
    In the same time... ask them for upgrade from Platinum 11 to 2017.
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