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how split files nero 2016/2017

i notice that the nero 2016 and 2017 does not have the option to split the file into cd-r's like splinting the file into smallest fractions to fit on a cd or small videos that splits into 700mb. i do like that part of the program since i always split my files into a smaller section. but i buy a 2016 and 2017 and they dont have that option that was on nero 2014.
its any way to get that option on nero 2016 and 2017?
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  • Interesting. That option isn't available in v2015 either. I have v2016 and v2017 on another computer so I haven't checked. Since you've already identified it as not available in v2017, I'll assume it's not there in v2016. You can ask tech support about it by going to, support (bottom of the page), contact, technical support and submitting the contact form. If you do, let me know what they have to say.

    I noticed that the only time that option is available in v14 is if you're recoding to mpeg-4.
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