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how to burn a bootable blu-ray disc with secure disc function

I can use the function of backup and restore in windows 10 in order to make a bootable blu-ray disc.
I can get a bootable section from the disc i made to an iso image file by WinISO.
I can also write a bootable section into an empty iso image of blu-ray disc by WinISO.
The problem is coming.
no matter how hard i try... i am just unable to write a bootable section into an empty iso imag of blu-ray disc with secure disc enabld by nero 2016.
Most of us does not need to use blu-ray disc in the era we are living now.
The alternative solutions are cloud-storage, removable hard disk driver and NAS.
The reason why i need to use the function of secure disc is for privacy and data reliabilty.
The expectation of my blu-ray disc is for backup.
so it has to be able to be a disc whish is bootable and reliable.
Would the Nero figure the solution for my demand especially for the user still using 2016? 
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wish you all having a nice day.
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