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I’m frustrated

How to get nero to open .264 and .tts files ?

I have had many versions of nero including 2018 which I still use but all have never been able to open .264 or .tts files . I am reluctant to upgrade again as free software will open and edit these files . Is there something I don`t know about why nero will not open these mentioned files ?
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  • Hello Barry-

    I assume you're referring to H.264.

    Upgrading isn't going to do anything since every version of Nero can open those formats. The only reasons that H.264 wouldn't open is if a valid "purchased" serial number from Nero or another reputable vendor isn't in the Nero ControlCenter or the files are copy protected. Even some OEM versions will open them.

    Would you upload one of each to a cloud service such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.; share with everyone; get a link and then post the links here?

    What part of Nero are you trying to open them in.
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