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How to make Blu Ray playback fill the screen and eliminate vertical bars on 21:9 display?

I have a 21:9 monitor hooked up to an Nvidia graphics card and since my new PC came with a Blu Ray drive, I purchased Nero 2014 Platinum so that I can actually make use of the drive to watch some movies.

However I am frustrated by the fact that I get to watch the movie in the middle of the screen, surrounded by black bars on all four sides. Prometheus is a good example. I know that what I'm looking at is a 1920x1080 display area (complete with horizontal bars) sitting in the middle of a 2560x1080 screen (thus, giving me black vertical bars of dead space too) and yet the aspect ratio of the image is pretty close to the ratio of my monitor. But without the ability to stretch the video to fill the entire monitor area, the entire experience is very lacklustre. I've started looking in to overscan but is that really my only option here?

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