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How to Manually delete latest Incremental Backup

Is there a way to manually delete the folder and files (.nbi) associated with a particular Incremental backup?

I like the idea of an Update Backup, but understand its no longer an option.

I would rather hold on to one full backup and perform an Incremental at scheduled times, then remove the latest incremental to free up disk space and run another incremental.

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  • Hi John-

    Update and differential backups were discontinued after Backitup 12. I do an Update type backup daily of my personal files using the latter.

    I assume you're using Backitup 2014 or 2015. I've never used them to do an incremental backup locally.

    You should be able to delete the last .nbi file. However, there are other corresponding files on your system that should be deleted as well. However, I don't know which files are created and where they are created at this moment. I just started a job in Backitup 2015 which is daily so I can't answer that question until tomorrow. I do know where the job files are but not the others.
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