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how to split files (videos)

All i want to do is place a mark where when I hit the key to go to the next video it jumps to there. I have 4 videos I imported into Nero 17 and they are one big 4 gig file. How do I make them 4 separate videos when I play them back.

I am not trying to burn two dvds but rather split the 4 videos on one dvd. I imported them as 4 different videos but Nero Makes them ONE file. When played back I want to be able to choose the video easily.
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  • Hi Mike-

    If you're not doing any editing, then select DVD, DVD-Video when you open Nero Video. Import the files. They won't be joined unless you purposely join them. You could then choose a Titles only menu which would have a button for each title. You can then either use the menu during playback or you can use the skip forward or backwards buttons on your remote to go from one to the other. The default menu automatically jumps to the menu when one title is finished playing.

    Does that do what you want?
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