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I’m really tired, having been fighting this issue now for days

How to Update Nero 12 Platinum when ControlCenter goes into VC2008redist install loop?

Nero 12 Update fails with prequisite installer (Visual C++ 2008 Redist) installer not installing.

I have fully manually uninstalled and re-installed (with full reboots) both x86 and x64 versions of LATEST Microsoft supplied VC ++ 2008 SP 1 Redist.

Still the Nero ControlCenter Update fails to progress to installing the updates. It tries to Update VC 2008 Redist, which fails. Then it forces me to reboot the system, before continuing with other updates.

After reboot it again tries to re-install (an older version of) VC 2008 Redist.

One cannot unselect the Nero Installer prerequisites from the ControlCenter Install/update dialog (in order to bypass the installation of the old VC 2008 redist).

HOW TO get around this issue?
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