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How to use transparency on a section of video to see both the main video, and a portion of a second video?

Good afternoon everybody, I've been searching through the forums, as well as many other sources trying to find an answer, but so far I'm left wondering if it's possible

I have several videos taken with an existing picture in picture setup such as this, which we'll call video 1:

The red is from front facing camera, while the green is the rear facing camera overlaid natively in the video.

And video 2:

I want to be able to overlay the videos so I can use transparency and switch back and forth between them to show the green picture on yellow main image, or the blue image on the red main, while still being able to shift between the whole screen of red on green fading to blue on yellow as needed.

I've got the keyframes down, but what I'm hoping is that it's essentially possible to apply the keyframes to only a portion of the video?

I realize that essentially this can be completed if I reshoot all of the footage without the secondary image, load all videos into 2 separate tracks each, re-size the second footage for each video and place them all in the same section, then use keyframes on all layers except the desired visible layers, but that would result in an awful lot of layering and re-shooting...
Is this possible? I'm using Nero 17 Platinum, and have the added content installed, for the record. Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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  • Uhh I may have just answered my own question here, using the Crop function.. I'm going to have to play with that tonight when I get home from work and see if it produces the ability that I'm needing... (IE: creating 4 video layers, 2 for Video 1, 2 for Video 2, and having the second video for each cropped down to the PIP video only. Then using the Transparency Keyframes to change which videos are all visible...)
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