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How do I get the MP4 plugin so that I can burn an MP4 in Nero 10 to a DVD?

When I am creating the project in Vision 10 everything looks good.
It burns to disk just fine but when I play it on a DVD player or my PC it is pixelated.
What can I do?
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    There is no mp4 plug-in. There is a mp4 patent activation that needs to be done. If you have the full v10, it's included in the purchase price.

    First of all, is your v10 fully up to date? Open Burning Rom, New. In Help, select About, About Nero Burning Rom. What is the version number.

    What is the resolution of the files you're burning? 720x, 1920x, etc.

    What do you select when you first open Nero Vision. Make Movie or Slide show or Make DVD? If the former, what are you selecting in the screen immediately after it.

    Are you using the default Recording Format Settings or are you changing them? If you're changing them, what are you selecting?

    If you're using the default settings, then about the only way to improve the video is to use a 2-pass burn. However, I need to know the answers to my questions before I recommend that.
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