How to get rid of Nero Burning ROM?

How to remove an old version (2006) of Nero burning rom? I am trying to upgrade my operating system, it is asking me to unistall Nero - burning rom. I tried to unistall it through the add and remove software but it comes up with an error when trying to remove. I then tried the General-clean tool and that doesn't detect any Nero products. I then do a file search and try to remove the burn rom but it will not allow it to be removed because it is saying that the DVD rom would not be able to read the disk.
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  • Versions of Nero from v9 and earlier, can only be uninstalled properly using the Nero General Clean tool.

    When you run the Nero General Clean Tool and it says it can't find anything, do you let it run anyhow? You should.

    Create a system restore point in Windows.

    Run regedit.exe. Go here-


    If you want to get rid of anything Nero, just delete that whole key.
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