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How to merge 2 mp4 files withou recode?

In Nero Video 12I have a project 55 min. long, 460 videos m2ts (AVCHD Lite), music, transitions etc. I have a huge problem with export. Exported file (AVC-MP4) has video and sound not synchronized. After about 20 min. it is abou 1 second (sound is sooner than video), at the end of the film it is almost 2 seconds. Very anoying. If exporting to DVD-video format, it is even worse. If trying export to mpeg2 , it is freezing in some position and I have to cancel export. Support told me, there are wrong frames in source video, but I think it is not true, because:
- in Nero Vision 9 it never happened (with videos from the same camera)
- if I split 55 min. into 2 parts (the first part has 32 min., second part 23 min.), export each part to mp4 (AVC) separately, both are OK and if I merge these two files in a new project and export them, final file is OK.
Now my questions:
1. How to merge simply 2 mp4 files withou recode?
2. Do you have some idea about video x sound synchronization problem?
3. Have you some expirience with frozen export to mpeg2 format?
I can survive with my "merge" method, but it is really frustrating, that newer version has a problem, which was not in previous one.
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  • I don't know how many videos you have but there's a limit on the number of titles on a DVD-Video. I think it's 98. As a result, if you have more than that, you'll need to export smaller portions of your project to file, just as you did, to create new titles and then import all those files back in. However, that's been the same in all versions, including v9.

    I don't understand your other questions.
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