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I’m frustrated

I felt cheated with my first purchase, but I like you products and want to get your labor day special

I already have Nero 9 but my laptop in which I have that version right now is out of service but I hope fix it soon, if I buy this version 2014, you are not going to cancel my licence of that oldest version? I ask because some time ago, before Nero 9 I got Nero 8 on an original cd and installed on a pc certainly never worked ok, but worked a little, but when I got online version 9 for my laptop I don't know what happened with Nero 8 on my pc because when my laptop break down it's system I tried to use Nero 8 on my pc and that one ask me for serial number and when I wrote it, appeared the phrase this serial number is already installed, you must to buy an original and never left me use it. I never understood because I have the original cd and never used with another pc or laptop, can you help me with this matter? because I want to buy your special offer, but I don't want to loose my oldest version on my other laptop. I want to keep it.
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