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I have a problem with the application Nero Recode 2017

Hello world! I have a problem with the application Nero Recode 2017. After adding the video file for subsequent conversion, visit "edit video". After cropping the video from the beginning and end of conversion and get video in which video and audio synchronization is not observed!

Thank you in advance for all advice and answers! Andrey.
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  • Hello-

    I don't know what you want to do with the final file.

    It could be that it has some dropped frames that you can't see during playback. I suggest recoding it to mp4 from Recode. You can then either try cropping the resulting file or doing the following:

    If your intention is to burn it as a DVD-Video or similar disc format, I suggest opening Nero Video, Make Advanced Movie and importing the mp4 file. Drop and drag it to the timeline and then cut it with the scissors. Check it to see if you still get the out of sync behavior.

    If it's satisfactory and you have no other edits, click on Next, Create a Disc, "the appropriate disc type. Continue to the menu screen and customize, if desired. Check it in the following preview screen. If it's ok, go to the next screen, which is the burn screen, and burn it.
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