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I have lost my serial number for Nero 10 it was a download version, Is there any way I can get it back. Regards

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    Hi Colin,
    If your computer has not been reformatted or had the operating system upgraded, the serial number could be in the registry still ...

    If you do a Windows "Run" command and enter regedit

    This is the registry tree place to look... if you drill down through the regedit tree display ...

    On 32bit-systems please follow the path:

    On 64bit-systems please follow the path:

    -> Your serial number is displayed next to the "Serial11" entry. It is structured as follows:

    At this location in the registry, over on the right ... you should see the serial numbers.

    It will be 39 characters long including the hyphens.

    Your first four digits of your serial are probably either 9X13- or 1X13-.

    or 9X03- or 1X03-

    If you can't find it in the registry ....

    Try requesting Nero to search for it in their database using your email address as a search key ...

    Customer Service:
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