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I have Nero 11 and 12. How do I burn song tracks with normalized volume onto a USB stick instead of a disc.

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  • Hi Peter-

    Not sure how to approach this.

    The only place in Nero where you can burn to a USB stick is Nero Video. However, it doesn't have a Normalize function (I thought there was but can't find it).

    Although some say the the Normalize function in WaveEditor doesn't work, I don't have time to try it. However, open WaveEditor and select Edit, Insert File (s) and add all your files. Then, select all the files and the Normalize function, in the Volume tab. You can then use, File, Save As to save the project as a single file and simply copy it to your stick. If you can select the file on the stick using software on whatever device you're using for playback, then I guess that would solve your problem. Give it a try and let me know how it turns out.
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