I lost my key for Nero12 Platinum. How do I retrieve it

I just want to retrieve my key for 12 and 14 Platinum. How do I do it?
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  • Hi Joe,
    If you still have the software installed ... the serial numbers should show up in the Nero Control Centre - under Serial numbers.

    To read the whole number, you might have to click and drag the serial number column wider at the top. The serial number should be 39 characters in length (including the hyphens).

    Or, right-click on the serial number and "Copy" then paste into Windows Notepad to see the whole number.

    On the other hand, if your software is no longer installed, you can try sending an email to techsupport@nero.com
    If your email address is the same as when you bought the software, they may be able to locate your serial numbers from their database.
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