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I need a way to mute or bleep innappropriate language in a video.

I need a way to mute or bleep over innappropriate language in videos.
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  • Hi James-

    That will be tedious, to say the least, if there's much of it.

    You can import the video into Nero Video, Make Advanced Movie. Drag it to the timeline. Play the video to a part where you want to mute the audio or move the red positioning line to where that occurs. Click on the scissors on the right hand side and position them over the the positioning line and click. Move the positioning line to the end of where that occurs. Position the scissors on the line and click. Open the effect palette. Click on the white arrow on the right hand side and then click on the portion you just cut. In Audio Level. Set the audio level to something like -100. Done. Note you can also use key frames to locate the portion of the video with the language and set the audio level. You will probably need to zoom the timeline when doing that. Click on the slider on the bottom of the screen and move it to the right to get the desired zoom level. You won't want to get to frame level.

    Another way which I think would be quicker is to position the positioning line to the start of the language and then simply add the "Fade Out and In" audio effect. Keep the effect palette open to minimize time to select the audio effect. The default duration is one second but you can adjust that. The most simple way to do that is to select Options, Application Settings, Editing and then adjust the audio effects to the desired duration. You would want to do that before adding the first instance of that effect. Note that the audio effect duration you set using that method will apply to all audio effects and will be the default always, unless you change it.
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