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I want to burn wav files with dts stream to DVD

I have already wav files with dts stream I already checked them by file properties in VLC my question is if I burn them to CD audio or DVD audio do i lose the surround sound? TS:I have Nero 2018
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  • Not being anywhere near an expert, I didn't know that you can have a DTS stream in a .wav file. I've seen where you can have .mp3, .pcm and other common audio streams in a .wav.

    When you burn an AudioCD the audio will be .pcm per the AudioCD specification. The surround would be emulated when you play back the CD.

    The only DVD audio in Nero is a Jukebox DVD and it won't play on all players. However, the files need to be .wmv, .mp3 or Nero AAC.

    The caveat in all this is that v2018 can't decode DTS or burn DTS. If your files are as you say they are and have an alternate audio track, then you might be able to burn them. I don't know.

    You can always ask tech support about it.
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