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I’m one frustrated G. Grandma!

I am in utter confusion.

I switched from Windows XPsp3 to Windows 7. I installed My Nero 12.5 Platinum program but I notice that I am missing some of the programs that were on my Nero 7 program. Was I supposed to install my Nero 7 (I have a c.d,) before I downloaded my Nero 12.5 Platinum program. I can't finalize the things on burn on the computer.

Awaiting your answer to my question.

P.S. If there were uodates to the Nero 7 program since I bought it, then I would need them if it was not included in the upgrades since and between the time I got my Nero 7 and the time I got my Nero 12.5 Platinum program, License Key No. 901E-02AK-7CWL-XZH8-849Z--XE8X-80E7-2P78.
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