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I cannot play Blu-ray Structures since the Blu-ray Player Update a few days ago.

Note: I created this topic because I can no longer add replies to Blu-ray Player Downgrade Available? for some reason.


Thanks for trying to play my Blu-ray Structure. You may have inadvertently stumbled on another "minor" issue with the Blu-ray Player (and a number of other Nero apps). That is, the messages supplied to the user are generally not very informative, or, as I suspect is true here, missing altogether!

When you attempt to play the Blu-ray Structure, it either should play or give a message. However, if the user opens a folder that it doesn't understand, it just ignores the request. Please be sure that you are opening the folder just above the BDMV folder - opening one above that one will be ignored, same for the BDMV fodler.

I can also "play" the Blu-ray Structure in VLC, but I think it simply searches the folder structure for playable media and plays what it finds.
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