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If I burn multiple video files to a Blu-ray, do I still have a 'play all' option?

So, I've got all these old VHS cassettes, home movies, stuff we taped off of TV when I was a kid, etc. I've got a video capture thing to save it all as .mp4's on my hard drive. I just want to make sure that with Nero I could, say, take the 7 .mp4's from a tape full of Christmas specials, burn them all to a Blu-ray, and I'd still be able to pop it into a Blu-ray player, hit 'Play All' and it would play them all in order, not go back to the menu after each individual video file.

In fact, these cassettes are coming out to be about 5.5-6.5 gigabytes a piece in terms of size, so I imagine I could probably fit two cassettes to a singe Blu-ray disc. Could I use Nero to create two playlists? Have a menu option 'Play Tape One' and it plays everything that was on Tape One and goes back to the menu, and then another for 'Play Tape Two?'

I realize these might be just blinding obvious questions, but I want to make sure the program can do what I need of it before I purchase it. Thank you!
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