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If you would like to be informed about the facilities of the "Get Satisfaction" interface ...

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  • Also, click on the "Terms of Service" link at the bottom of this page to find a great deal of help. Unfortunately, most of it is directed to the Get Satisfaction customer, or Nero in this case. Furthermore, there appear to be a great many variations possible that are set up by the customer. I was trying to find out what the numbers mean that are next to the stars in the box to the right of each reply. I had no luck.

    I may be wrong, but it appears that any meaningful help to users of this Nero forum would have to come from Nero. It appears that they decide among the options available.

    I did see there that it is possible to set up multiple FAQ lists. With all of the installation problems involving MSXML, .NET Framework, etc., an FAQ summarizing what to do in case a user has a certain difficulty would surely help everyone.
    • Yeah, you did understand !

      The community is as good as licencee wants or is able to do. User have no influence.

      You mentioned FAQs, OK. take as example the FAQs here, - they are unusable Of course they should be edited, before they are added to the list (neutralized for common use). Extended searching should be possible on the list for selection. You should be able to display multiple lists, side by side for comparing, and, and ,,,. All these normal things, which you can do with Windows functionality.

      Another thing. The user should be able, to flag the posts of which he is interested in, as it was possible on the old forum. These flags should be available again in the next session, that he must not search again. With other words, the user should be able to create his individual community environment for his needs.

      There are many things more, which could be done,

      But these are dreams. which never come true.

      So I recommend you to enjoy your life with other things than this community. which is not worth to waste any thoughts on it. Or would you risk, to will be crazy with time ?. ;-P
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