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I’m frustrated!

I'm so Smart I can't Figure it out! What a Moron!

I've been messing with computers since 1986. I do tech support for a large company and yet, I cannot figure out how to take a m2ts captured file and bring it into NERO to create a blu ray disc that I can burn. Thats the first Moron question.

The second one is: why does Nero insist of breaking up a large 10GB iso into small 2gb iso chunks. Why can't it just write it as one big mountable .iso file?

Please help me.. what am I missing.. Am I missing the obvious? I've consulted the Googles, I've searched youtube and I can't find anything that says:

1-open Nero XXXX and then import your m2ts file
2-save the file as a blu ray BDMV or burn the blu ray video directly to a blu ray drive.

I appreciate anyone who can hold my hand and guide me on this. You'll have a special place in the small part of my sanity that I have left.

Thank you!
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