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Impossible to replace CH R with CH L on the timeline

A scanned Super-8 film with sound got correct sound at CH L, but just a disturbing noise at CH R. On the timeline you can not choose left or right. I want to click at CH R and delete that channel and copy CH L and paste it to CH R. Should be easy to do, but impossible with Nero. That problem has been for many years and Nero has not even done any improvements with new versions (version 10-16 the same limitation prevents you what you want to do with the audio on the timeline. .CH 1 + CH 2 is embedded as just one channel. Not a problem at all if you use other editing programs - but why be forced to that when Nero yearly offers new "better" versions ??
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  • Hi Bjorn-

    I suggest using SoundTrax for that operation. However, if you're getting some noise, you should be able to remove the noise on the noisy track using SoundTrax in conjunction with WaveEditor.

    To separate the the audio from the video, right click on the video on the timeline and select "unlink video............." Then select the audio and export it to file. In SoundTrax, select Insert and Insert Audio File (s) to insert your audio file. Edit it.

    After editing, delete the existing audio from the video in Nero Video. Then, import the edited file and add it to the audio track.

    I'll help further with SoundTrax if you have a problem.
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