Installation Question

The installation instructions tell me to, “Close all Microsoft Windows programs and exit any anti-virus software that may be running.”

When I look into the Task Manager I see something like 77 Processes running. Back in the day when I loaded software that required everything to be shutdown I knew you had to keep Explorer.exe and maybe something else open so the computer would operate. Is it really necessary to close all these processes or just the Microsoft Windows programs? How do I tell what all programs need to be closed? Would these be all the Active programs in the ‘Applications’ tab instead of the ones in the ‘Processes’ tab?

Also, the computer is running Avast 2014.9.0.2021 for the anti-virus software. I am not sure how to exit or temporarily close Avast for the nero installation process. I read about a way to close it, but I am not sure, after using that process, if Avast will activate again after the nero installation.
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