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I’m confused and will cancel my purchase if I can't get a quick solution

Installing serial number in 2015 Nero

I just purchased Nero 2015 Platinum. Since I had already installed the trial version, I did not use the install button on my payment accepted web page Nero sent me. However, I cannot find any place where to insert my serial number so I can use my Nero and not get a page stating that I have _ days left to use my Nero. What do I do and where do I locate where to insert my number? I am an old man and this confuses me to no end. I have even thought to contact Visa card and cancel the transaction thinking that I have been scammed. That is when I spotted the means of maybe finding an answer. Please help me with simple directions. Thanks
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    You can add your serial number by opening the ControlCenter. Click "Your Product" on the Nero Welcome screen and then "Add" on the ControlCenter.
    • Thanks for your time in replying. It sure was a quick reply.

      I was a little confused about the term "ControlCenter." When I clicked on the Nero icon on my desktop, it took me to "Welcome to Nero 2015 Platinum." It did not state "Control Center." This happens a lot with many computer programs when help is needed. The terminology must always be the same when trying to help others or the one needing help gets lost.

      They sure don't make it easy to insert your serial number. However, your directions worked just right.

      Along comes someone, as yourself, willing to help others with answers to program questions and that helps to restore faith in our society just knowing there are still some who help others. I guess I am just from the old school.

      Thanks very much for your help.

      Next, I am rather sad about how money hungry computer programmers have become. I had an earlier version of Nero and when I purchased it, you paid only once and it was good forever even with updates. Unfortunately, in time, they stop providing updates and began charging for them and after a while, they stopped that and you had to purchase a new version. (I fully understand “pay for work done.”) Now, you pay for a program on a yearly time table. For senior citizens like myself, who live only on Social Security, we just cannot afford new versions, and so, we lose out and the program companies do as well for lack of sales from us older people. Also, If we cannot afford to update our programs, we will NOT recommend them to others.

      I am between a rock & a hard spot. I am on my computer 15-18 hours a day doing research for my three new reference books. I had one published in 1991 and it is still in print even after 23 years. (Check it out at I have a list of 375 research libraries in Europe and Asia and another list of 270 research libraries in the U.S. who have copies of my 1st reference books. So you can see how having updated programs is very important to me. I just don't know what I will do for I don't even have enough money from Social Security at the end of each month for anything extra. I go several days a month with no food, but we live with whatever Life gives to me. I have no choice.
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