InstallShield Wizard Failed

Okay I'm most likely gonna get told theres nothing I can do but here it goes. I've been using Nero 10 since 2011. I used it on my old HP computer until it died about a year later. I then had it installed on my mothers Dell computer for about a year and that computer died. A few months ago my dad gave me his old HP computer which I decided to use specifically for Nero. That computer whacked out today. Anyways I also have a Mac which I've been using for my most of my computer needs for the last 3.5 years. Today I downloaded CrossOver in hopes of installing Nero on my Mac. It started installing but I eventually got the pop saying 'InstallShield Wizard Failed'. I looked up various threads where people have had the same problem. One said he made an ISO folder for Nero and managed to install the program issue free. Anyways is it possible to get Nero to install through CrossOver on Mac or am I out of luck?? I'd rather use Nero on my Mac because its my preferred computer.
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